Thursday, October 13, 2011


Mini loves to wear dresses to school, the gym, the store, everywhere.  Mini lives where it is getting cold fast.   Mini is a 3 year old who is likes to go to the potty by herself.  Tights are no longer an option (pants are complicated enough!)  Sooo....  LEGWARMERS!!!!  We have a couple pairs from when Mini & her cousin were babies and she wears them all the time but more are needed.  They are soo expensive!  So I looked up how to make them from ladies' knee high socks.  I made hubby buy some today (I let him pick the patterns- talk about trust!)  And I made a pair for each kiddo!  (They work great for the boys when we are at home cause it means I don't have to take pants off to change diapers.)  Here's how I did it:

Women's knee high socks:

Cut the socks as shown:

Discard toe and heel sections.  Trim the last piece as shown:
(This will be the second cuff so how much you trim is up to you-
it all depends on how tight you want the cuff to be.)

Sew the soon-to-be cuff WRONG SIDE OUT back together:

Fold the cuff in half so the RIGHT SIDE shows (I missed this pic.  OOPS!)
Turn the sock WRONG SIDE OUT and pin the folded cuff to the inside:
Sew close to the unfinished edge, I recommend sewing it twice.
(You don't HAVE to pin it; feel free to free hand sew it.)  :-)


Not bad for my first go around.  Plus, each pair only cost $2.50 and it only took me about and hour and a half to make all 3 pairs (this was in between taking care of a 3 year old & 2 1 year olds soo....)  Oh & I have some ideas about how to turn them into arm warmers.  :-D

Big, Little Man    Mini    Little, Little Man
in their legwarmers/baby legs

**UPDATE**  Mini has mastered tight and as it gets colder we have found that legwarmers over tights or leggings is perfect for her.

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