Sunday, September 9, 2012

She Did What?!?


Huh?  We took a leap of faith and switched to cloth diapers today. :-)

I have long adored all of my friends' cute diaper stashes but was wary of the idea of twins in cloth diapers. Then I did the math:

4 diapers a day per kid at $.25 a diaper (I'm rounding for easy math!) is $1.00 a day.
At least 1.5 more years/548 days of diapers/pull-ups times 2 is $1096.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

I found out that I could purchase 20 re-usable cloth diapers with microfiber inserts for $96.00 from Alva Baby. I figured that I needed 28 diapers in total to CD both boys for 2 days (with some leftover for laundry day.)  Completely doable for only $137.  Wow! That sounds a LOT better than $1096!  Plus, if I take good care of my diapers I should be able to re-sell them for about 1/2 of what I paid.  Nice!  So I took the leap and ordered everything that I needed to CD. 

Now, I did spend a little more than $137 because there are different supplies that you need.  For example, you need CD friendly diaper cream.  I recommend CJ's BUTTer for any number of reasons; the 2 biggest being the yummy scents and the amazing BUTTer PLUS that is great for yeast rashes (I got it in a spray which is nice because it is so easy to apply!)  I am experimenting with different liners.  I recommend liners for first timers because they make cleaning up poopy diapers so much easier. You also need a couple of wet bags to keep dirty diapers in in the diaper bag and a pail liner for your diaper pail. Oh & you need cloth diaper friendly detergent (for some good info check here.)  There are lots of optional things you can get, too.  Sounds intimidating but once you've read a bit you realize that it isn't that hard to CD anymore.

I got my fluff (as CD's are affectionately called) mail on Saturday and was so excited it was funny! I spent the rest of the day getting it all ready to be worn.  Our first diaper Sunday morning was a cloth one.  There's no going back now.


So pretty!

Washed and ready to be prestuffed for wearing

Ready to go, so many cute patterns & colors


I am such a geek.  I know.  :-)  And you guys know you love me for it!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Splashing. It's what puddles are made for!

I will not lie. I suffer from a mild (ok, semi mild) case of OCD.  One of my issues is that I do not like getting my clothes wet while I am wearing them (lest you think I have some kind of phobia about getting them wet to wash them!)  This means that bath time is generally torture for me so you can imagine what the idea of letting my kids splash around in the big puddle in the backyard does to me.  O_o

In my effort to let my kids have awesome memories, this evening I let them splash to their little hearts' content.

And splash they did!

Mini spin drying her dress:

They thought it was the coolest thing and Hubby & I earned major brownie points, at least we better have!  Sometimes it is the littlest things that make for the best memories.  And, hey, their sandals got washed , too, so that's a plus, right.