Sunday, September 9, 2012

She Did What?!?


Huh?  We took a leap of faith and switched to cloth diapers today. :-)

I have long adored all of my friends' cute diaper stashes but was wary of the idea of twins in cloth diapers. Then I did the math:

4 diapers a day per kid at $.25 a diaper (I'm rounding for easy math!) is $1.00 a day.
At least 1.5 more years/548 days of diapers/pull-ups times 2 is $1096.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

I found out that I could purchase 20 re-usable cloth diapers with microfiber inserts for $96.00 from Alva Baby. I figured that I needed 28 diapers in total to CD both boys for 2 days (with some leftover for laundry day.)  Completely doable for only $137.  Wow! That sounds a LOT better than $1096!  Plus, if I take good care of my diapers I should be able to re-sell them for about 1/2 of what I paid.  Nice!  So I took the leap and ordered everything that I needed to CD. 

Now, I did spend a little more than $137 because there are different supplies that you need.  For example, you need CD friendly diaper cream.  I recommend CJ's BUTTer for any number of reasons; the 2 biggest being the yummy scents and the amazing BUTTer PLUS that is great for yeast rashes (I got it in a spray which is nice because it is so easy to apply!)  I am experimenting with different liners.  I recommend liners for first timers because they make cleaning up poopy diapers so much easier. You also need a couple of wet bags to keep dirty diapers in in the diaper bag and a pail liner for your diaper pail. Oh & you need cloth diaper friendly detergent (for some good info check here.)  There are lots of optional things you can get, too.  Sounds intimidating but once you've read a bit you realize that it isn't that hard to CD anymore.

I got my fluff (as CD's are affectionately called) mail on Saturday and was so excited it was funny! I spent the rest of the day getting it all ready to be worn.  Our first diaper Sunday morning was a cloth one.  There's no going back now.


So pretty!

Washed and ready to be prestuffed for wearing

Ready to go, so many cute patterns & colors


I am such a geek.  I know.  :-)  And you guys know you love me for it!


  1. How cool!! I wish I could've cloth diapered with my kiddos. I tried with Autumn when she was a baby but after the first soaked through diaper (down to crib sheets not too soon after I just changed her) I caved in and back to disposable, but then the diapers weren't the way they are now. I think it's an awesome choice.

    1. Thanks! It is easier than ever to CD so I consider myself very lucky. I am also hoping that it will help with potty training as currently the boys could care less if they are wet or poopy. Gah! Now how do I resist ordering even more cute diapers?!?