Saturday, September 1, 2012

Splashing. It's what puddles are made for!

I will not lie. I suffer from a mild (ok, semi mild) case of OCD.  One of my issues is that I do not like getting my clothes wet while I am wearing them (lest you think I have some kind of phobia about getting them wet to wash them!)  This means that bath time is generally torture for me so you can imagine what the idea of letting my kids splash around in the big puddle in the backyard does to me.  O_o

In my effort to let my kids have awesome memories, this evening I let them splash to their little hearts' content.

And splash they did!

Mini spin drying her dress:

They thought it was the coolest thing and Hubby & I earned major brownie points, at least we better have!  Sometimes it is the littlest things that make for the best memories.  And, hey, their sandals got washed , too, so that's a plus, right.

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