Monday, November 7, 2011

OCCUPYing My Mind

I try not to get into political arguments and whatnot.  I listen, absorb, research and make up my own mind about things.  I realize that the idea of journalistic freedom is a vague concept a lot of the times and I am a believer that in war times there are things that don't need to be shown out of respect and safety.  I also believe that much of the news that is reported is skewed this way & that so that the full story is not really represented.  I allow others to believe what they will and go my own way.  BUT this picture is making the rounds and I am having a hard time with it.

My grandfather, a rancher who worked the land that has been a part of our family for 125+ years until he was physically unable to at 88 due to cancer, would say that he fought so that his children were able to live in a country where they were free to not live hand to mouth & so that others had those same opportunities.

My father believes he served so that his children could continue to prosper and have opportunities that were unheard of previously. He continues to work after 22 years of service in the ARMY so that he can help take care of his grandchildren NOT because their parents can't but because his children are part of the working poor- those people who work full time, live modestly & still are unable to 'get ahead.' My father does not want his children & grandchildren to go without.

I believe that the full picture of the protesters is not being shown. The protests are full of servicemen who have returned from war to a country unprepared and financially unable to support their needs; there are vets from previous wars who believed what they were told, long ago, and are finding that there is nothing left to support their care. There are parents who have to send their children to schools that are questionable, at best, because the education budget has been deeply cut. There are young people who were told to get an education and they would be able to get a job to pay for it and have found that there are no jobs. There are professionals who have been out of work for several years who have applied for 100's of jobs and have not been able to get one yet.

Take a good look at this picture (found here)and tell me how many 20 year olds you see:

More of today's vets are a part of the Occupy Movement (as discussed here):
WWII Veterans (like the soldiers in the first pic) are a part of the Occupy movement (as pictured on the Facebook page for Military Veterans Who Support Occupy Wall Street Protest):

This is not about ENTITLEMENT. It is about being ENTITLED to a decent work week that allows you to support your family without going into debt. It is about NOT having to work 2 or 3 jobs, have your spouse working and having to pay someone to raise your kids. It's about being able to sleep at night knowing that there will be food to feed your family the next day. To know that you can keep your house warm in the winter & cool in the summer.  It's about knowing that if you are laid off you will be able to find a job to support yourself and your family, if you have one.  It is about being able to HAVE a family.  It is about having the confidence to work a job for 25-35+ years and know that you'll be able to retire and live comfortably.

It is about everyone paying their fair share. It is about helping our country as a whole and not allowing the rich to get richer while the people who line their pockets suffer unduly.

This is what each generation that has gone before has worked towards. What they have believed in. What must be. Is this the best way to make it happen, I don't know. But I do hope that this does bring change for I am very worried about the quality of life for my children if things remain the same.


  1. I actually do agree with a lot of what they're standing for ... just not how they're going about it! (Defecating on cars, really??) Nor do I like how this apparently has become a political game to certain factions.

  2. Unfortunately there are idiots everywhere. I just don't like how they are making this out that the Occupy Movement is simply about 20 somethings wanting their school debt forgiven. It is about WAY more than that.