Sunday, January 1, 2012

Keeping Baby WARM!

There are a lot of products out there that I LOVE!  Many of which I will soon blog about.  But first there is one I want to get out there ASAP!!  Why?  Because it will help your babies stay WARM this winter.  How do I know?  Because we have been using it for our daughter, Mini, and are now using it for our boys, Big, Little Man & Little, Little Man.

What is this oh so important product you ask.  The bed warmer from  Go ahead click on it!!  I'll wait for you...

(Insert the music from Jeopardy here.)

I know, say what?!?  But it is only $8 (for a crib/toddler bed size!)  This cannot be true.  TRUST ME!!!  It is simply amazing!  We bought one for each of the kiddos (and 2 extra for Squidgy, her cousin, & Mini's beds at my sister's house- yes, Mini has her own bed  The house we were renting at the time was quite drafty (we were spending a small fortune every month to get the house to 68 degrees!) and we needed something on Mini's bed to help her stay warm when she lost her covers.  We figured that they were worth the cost even if they only made her a couple of degrees warmer.  We could tell the difference right away.  When we would check on Mini at night her hands and feet were no longer ice cold.  YAY!!!

Since the twins were either sleeping with us, in their swings or next to each other in their crib we didn't worry about them too much.  Plus, we moved to an energy efficient house & winter ended.  Well winter took me by surprise and when the first big heating bill hit I realized that something had to change.  Then I checked on Little, Little Man and realized that he was sleeping ON his blanket instead of UNDER his blanket because his crib mattress was ice cold.  Got to change that ASAP!  Luckily, I knew right where I had tucked my bed warmers (yes, I put the links in there AGAIN, just in case you didn't look the first time!)  I put them on today and I can already see the difference.  I just checked on all 3 of my beautiful sleeping babies and every single one of them has warm fingers and toes and Little, Little Man is still under his blanket.  :-D

So PLEASE check them out!!!  I cannot express enough how something that doesn't cost a whole lot will make a difference in your child's life (hey, I'm passionate!) 

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