Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tea Time

I love tea.  I love hot tea.  I love iced tea.  I love tea.

We have a tea shop nearby called Fezziwig's Marketplace.  HEAVEN!!  Ok, it's tea & wine so it is AWESOME!!!  I recommend it to everyone!  I love to stop by and get a couple ounces of tea every once in awhile.  :-)

So...anyways... I love loose leaf tea and am always on the lookout for a new tea infuser.  No, I don't collect them.  I have only 1, my sister's, and I loaned it to a friend when I shared a pot of tea with her.  Plus, I didn't want to buy my own til I found the absolute cutest one possible.  :-)  Well, I did! 


It's called the "tea duckie tea infuser" and it is by Decor Craft Inc.  I found it at Cracker Barrel after having breakfast with my awesome Mom.  :-)  She got it for me.  *happydance*  I decided to have a cup of tea today and used it.  LOVE IT! 

Love it!!

I was singing to myself:
"Rubber duckie, your the one.
You make tea time so much fun..."

Perfect cup of tea.  :-)

**NOTE OF WARNING: Toddlers will also like your duckie and will be tempted to try your tea.  They will not be so thrilled about it and may dump it all over the floor.  This may or may not have happened to me.**


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    1. Thank you. I appreciate your input.

  2. I adore the infuser!! As an avid tea drinker here as well, I really want one like that. :-) Now to find one!