Monday, September 8, 2014

There comes a time...

There comes a time when you have to decide what faith you are going to raise your children in. I was raised mainly in a Protestant church as my father was military and most posts provided a Catholic service and a Protestant service (there may have been a Jewish service but it was not on my mind back then.) My husband was raised Jewish.

Over the years I have examined my beliefs in an attempt to figure out where I stood in my faith. I do not agree with most organized religions. I find the idea of picking and choosing what you want to believe out of a book that was written hundreds of years ago, translated and edited many times over, to be mystifying. I do feel like there is a greater power out there. One that each of us can tap into. As I read and researched I stepped further away from my Christian upbringing and closer to a more Pagan view of things. It just felt right.

I will admit, though, that I chose not to broadcast it. Why? No reason, really, except that it was something I called mine and had no need to share. I played the fine line of never fully acknowledging my choice of beliefs so I would not be alienated by those who know me. There is a big trend in this world to see Pagans as something evil. Really it is quite the opposite. A Pagan sends out the energy they wish to receive. Why send out evilness if it will be revisited upon you??

Over the last year I have been more open about my beliefs. I am respectful of others beliefs but I don't let them preach to me. My family celebrates many customs that pull from many beliefs. I am teaching my children about Jewish customs as, in many ways, being Jewish is a cultural thing as well as a religious thing. 

So there you go. You respect my beliefs and I shall respect yours. Oh, and I'll teach my little witchling a that, too. ;-) 


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